where vintage, single motherhood and ridiculous ambition collide

By Lydia Hernandez

What's this all about?

Idea’s and inspiration especially for single moms written by a ridiculously ambitious single mama of four.

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Resume Writing

I like writing resumes. I’m pretty awesome at it. Contact me today about writing one for you. Pssst, this is FREE for single moms!

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Being a single mom has its challenges, but there’s help out there. Here’s a list of resources to help you get ahead.

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Social Media and the Divorcée

We had the difficult talk with the children. I talked things over with my parents and siblings. I had the conversation with my aunts over tea and depended on them to tell the rest of the family. I was divorcing. But social media required a different approach. Here's some tips for handling social media like… Continue Reading

The Road to Being Helpful

After years of silence, I'm writing again. But with a new purpose. To help single moms get ahead. After sharing my story of how I became a single mother of four to family, friends and here on the blog, I was overwhelmed with the support. So there I was, content with my decision, feeling fully… Continue Reading

Before You End Your Marriage, Try This…

Are you sure you're really done with your marriage? I've been asked that question many times. At first it frustrated me, but I know why it was asked. A single mother of four little ones is a heavy burden to carry. It is scary actually. Would it have been easier to suck it up and… Continue Reading

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