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VLOG: How a Simple Phone Call Meant the Difference Between Success and Failure

Well, there you have it...I nearly failed a class because I didn't think I was capable of writing  a paper. Yes. Me. The writer. I was planning on writing this somewhat embarrassing story, but I thought a video of me telling you would be SO much more embarrassing. Especially because I was sort of unprepared to… Continue Reading

A Poem About A Summer Romance: A Tune So Blue

I heard a tune A tune so blue My wistful heart It ached for you.   Reminiscing of the day So innocent, with hearts ablaze Whispers, kisses, promises made Bodies swaying like ocean waves   A lifetime of love In a single day For we knew our blue sky Would soon turn grey   Our… Continue Reading

A Poem About A Summer Romance: A Tune So Blue post image

Bee Sugared

Editors Note: This post is brought to you by Bee Sugared A Fresher Way to Feel For Men and Women It's been a year full of personal revelations...the most recent which came to me just these past few weeks. Now stay with me here, because it's not as shallow as it sounds. As a teenager… Continue Reading

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Moving Toward Amazing

You have a spark. A drive. A unique calling. You feel like moving toward something. Something amazing. A million amazing things. Some little, some big. You want to make a difference. To be a better version of yourself. Not just for you, but for your children, your grandchildren and everyone who's lives could potentially be… Continue Reading

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