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Creating Your Pin-Up Body Article Series

Creating Your Pin-Up Body Article Series thumbnail

I've been working these past few weeks on updating my most popular posts from the archives and it's no surprise that many of them have to do with creating your own pin-up body. I wrote these posts soon after my third baby, at a time when I had little time but much desire to get… Continue Reading

Preview of My Book “Crush”

Preview of My Book “Crush” thumbnail

I've mentioned in a previous post that I'm writing my first fictional book, and I'm super excited to share a preview with you! It's a bit of a slow-go at the moment as I'm still a few weeks away from finishing my degree and still homeschooling my children in addition to working as a freelance copywriter and… Continue Reading

Coming Summer 2016: Crush

Coming Summer 2016: Crush thumbnail

There are events in life that are bound to change you. The loss of a loved one. A birth of another. Relationships beginning and ending. They change you. Then there are those in-between moments that have an unexpected impact. For me, it was going to a party that I really didn't want to attend then… Continue Reading

The Pink Ladies Guide to the Stages of Breakups

The Pink Ladies Guide to the Stages of Breakups thumbnail

Like you, I've had my share of breakups. From teen crushes to divorce, to the most recent romance that ended seemingly before it really started, my wee heart has experienced breakups many a time. Though, at the moment, I'm quite content (and perhaps even relishing) singlehood, I can't help but notice that part of the reason… Continue Reading

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