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Cold Cream Cleansing 101

Odd how one can see something everyday yet still not know how it’s actually done . That’s the way I felt about cleansing with cold cream. I saw my grandma cleanse her skin with it every night when I was a little yet I never actually learned how to use it  until I studied skin care therapy.

I recieved an email last week from a vintage mama with the same dilemma…How does one use cold cream?

Fret no more mama, I’m gonna show you how the professional does cold cream cleansing!


Facial Sponges or Esthetic Wipes

If your skin is on the oily side you need to wipe off with a warm, wipe or sponge. The sponge can be re-used several times (just rinse thoroughly, squeeze excess water out and let it dry out over night) before you toss it out and get a new one. I’ve used mine for a month with no problem.

Esthetic wipe look like very soft, durable facial tissue.  They can be used both wet or dry and are much more efficient and gentle to the skin than regular tissue paper. Use one wipe for each cleansing and then toss.

Hint: In a pinch, I used unscented baby wipes with great success. I just rinsed it out with warm water several times before I used it to wipe off the cold cream

Cold Cream

There are several cold cream options out there (read this post for more on that) but pictured below is the most popular. Try out several cold creams to see which one works best for you. Do be aware though that heavily perfumed cold creams have been known to cause eye irritation or possible eye infection. The only cold cream that I use on my eyes is Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser which is fragrance free.

Popsicle Stick (or something like it)

This is just for scooping out the cold cream. Help to prevent germs from ruining a good cream.

How to Cleanse You Skin with Cold Cream

  1. Pull your hair back with a headband or clip. Scoop out a cherry size dollop of cream and apply to forehead, apples of cheeks, jaw line, neck and collar bone.
  2. Using your middle and ring fingers, start making small circle beginning at the forehead. Continue all along the hairline, work your way around your face paying close attention to areas prone to clog pores.
  3. Still using your middle and ring fingers, cleanse the neck and chest trying to avoid any downward tugging of the skin.
  4. Wet wipe or sponge with warm water (or you can leave it dry) and begin at the forehead again to gently wipe the cream off. Rinse the wipe several times during the wiping process.
  5. Lastly wipe the chest and neck, again avoiding any downward tugging of the skin.
  6. Use any finishing skin products when done if you wish. I wipe my skin with toner on a cotton pad and use a firming serum.

More Tips

  • I cleanse my eyes in the same fashion with Albolene before I clean my face. I apply it with my ring finger and work the product around my eyes, then wipe off with a moist wipe.
  • Moisturizer is usually not necessary after cleansing with cold cream.
  • You may find that you will need to exfoliate more often when using cold cream. That’s because the extra moisture creates a barrier on the skin that can prevent skin from flaking.

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  • Thanks!

  • Great post… I always wondered how it worked. My grandmother used it too. Is it better for the skin versus using some sort of facial soap?

    • When it comes to cleansing, one size does not fit all. Soap (or any lathering cleanser) will remove more oil than a creamy, oily or cold cream cleanser. Regular soap will remove the most oil because the pH is so alkaline and that is what it is meant to do…remove oil.

      I switch between 3 different cleansers…cold cream, foaming gel cleanser and sometimes just toner. I change it up based on how my skin is feeling and how much effort I am willing to spend on my skin care that evening LOL.
      Lydia Poblano recently posted…The Boy Scouts: Mentoring a New Generation of Young Men My Profile

  • @Catherine, that’s a great question. I wanna know same, if its better to use cold cream instead of a facial cleaner as well? Thanks

    • Hi Pam,
      It truly depends on how your skin reacts to soap cleansing, if it achieving your skin care goals and if you personally like it.

      My skin gets a grimy tight feeling from washing with facial soap, which is why I don’t use it. I have an aunt however that feels her face isn’t clean until she gets that tight feeling from washing with soap.

      She just wants her face to be cleaned quickly, and since she has no issues with acne or irritation, soap works well for her.

      Cold cream does a better job of removing makeup without stripping away facial oil. Also, the massaging action of applying the cold cream brings about a healthy glow. 😉

      Try both and see which you prefer!
      Lydia Poblano recently posted…The Boy Scouts: Mentoring a New Generation of Young Men My Profile

  • Thanks for a great tutorial!

  • Loooovvvveeee these tips!

  • Hi! I recently bought a cleansing cream after getting upsold at Etude House (a Korean skincare/makeup store). I realized upon getting home that I didn’t know how to use it. Hehe.

    So, when you use a cold cream to clean off dirt and makeup on your face, there’s no need to use a separate facial cleanser after? Thanks!
    mnel recently posted…Review: You’re So Fine Liquid Eyeliner from Elizabeth MottMy Profile

    • Sorry for the late response. It really depends on your skin. I use cold cream (actually, at the moment its coconut oil, but I use it the same way) and I follow with my toner wiping until all traces of makeup is gone. A small amount of oil is left behind so my skin feels plenty moisturized. You can try to wash with a gel based cleanser after the cold cream…its up to you. In european facials a double cleanse is the standard.