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Freedom in Giving Up

On my New Years Eve post, I shared with you some ideas to help make this year just a bit more simple. Many mama’s emailed me to let me know how much they appreciated those idea’s (glad to help!). There was one suggestion on that list that seemed to really hit home with many and in just the few weeks that I have implemented it myself (I like to start before the official new year) I’ve already seen many positive changes.

Give up something on your “one day” list

At first the idea of giving something up scared me.

What was I willing to give up?

For how long?

What terrible thing might happen if I give it up?

Does that mean I’m a quitter?

I needed to put things in perspective.

The real reason I felt I need to give things up was because it was pulling my time and energy from things that are necessary now.

  • Like planning more science experiments for my 9 year old rascal (he’s my budding scientist).
  • And going outside in the sunshine more.
  • And organizing the toys before I throw them all out because I just can’t take it anymore.
  • And making hubby his breakfast and lunch to take to work because he wants to eat healthier.
  • And stopping everything in the middle of the day for 15 min so that I can read to my little rascals before their nap.
  • And start my day off with a Bible study and prayer because I don’t function well without it.

So those things were on my “to do” list, but what was I willing to drop?

I am no super woman nor do I care to be. I can’t do it all. I needed to give things up…but what?

  • Watching T.V. in the evening.
  • Bootcamp or other gym commitment. I’ll just need to find creative ways to do my own bootcamp workout while the boys play outside.
  • Additional extracurricular activities for my boys.
  • Making up any new recipes. 
  • Making certain foods from scratch when there is a very good pre-made version available (like spaghetti sauce, chicken broth and laundry soap). 

And then there are things that just need to wait…

  • Fixing up my patio and having a garden. It’s enough that I sweep it up an keep the spider webs to a minimum for now.
  • Taking a dance or photography class. It’ll just have to wait until my hubby finishes school in about a year.
  • Starting business…my children are still so young and need so much. I just wouldn’t be able to launch that, be there for my family, take care of my home and of course, write for my blog here.
  • Learn how to sew which is especially hard at the moment because I bought a few Disney pillow sew kits on sale, I have a yearning to make an apron like this and this sewing machine is on super sale on Amazon! Perhaps in the summer…

Giving things up gives me freedom.

As soon as I start to add more things or trick myself into feeling guilty about not doing those things on my “one day” list, I let stress ruin the joy of this season of my life…

…when my “baby” is just leaving toddler-hood and entering the exciting years of preschool.

…when my middle little rascal becomes more independent and inquisitive.

…when my eldest is on his last years of boyhood and if I blink I’ll miss it.

…when my hubby and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary and discover that though we are still madly in love, commitment and vows still need to be renewed everyday.

**What are you willing to give up or put on hold for the sake of freedom?


**What will you be able to focus your attention on when you give it up?


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Writer & digital influencer, Lydia initially started "mommy blogging" in 2008. Since then, has grown into a retro-inspired blog helping women to become the best versions of themselves. She's also is a single mother to 4 rascals, a copywriter and editor, a psych major, and is currently working on two fictional novels.

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    My eldest – my awesome son – my first —- he’s a sophmore in high school! Time is flying by tooo fast. Need to enjoy him more before he “flies the coop”.

    BUT….. my beautiful daughter… she so requires much much more of my undivided attention. Now 9 yo and wanting to be so grown up. I positively must be there for her.

    AND for both… I must keep take time to pray together and keep God in their lives.

    Thanks Ly for the WakeUp Call !!

  • I’ve decided to give up a large part of my business. I will be starting to homeschool my son coming next school year and I will have NO time for the business. I have started to scale it back as of Jan 1st of this year so that it will be a gradual thing.

    • Good for you! I know how tough it can be to have all these ideas and dreams for a business, but know in your heart it’s probably not the right time to do it. Lucky kids to have such a wise mama!

  • I’m done stressing about what I’m making for dinner. My husband cooks much better than I do so he cooks and I clean up. We’ve just started system and its been working quitehis we both get to spend time with kids after work and everyone enjoys dinner:-)

  • I have decided to delay my plans in doing a full time work on my site. I am just doing some minor additions and improvements. Though, I am not earning much in my work, I am glad that I have time to spend with my family. You are right about focusing on your growing kids first. They need you the most now.

  • I accepted that I can’t do all things at once. I decided to set some priorities so I can focus on what I consider important. I don’t consume all of my time in work as I used to. It feels great that I know what to do and I have balance in my life.