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Making History Un-Boring for Kids

This school year, my rascal and I have been doing a lot more with history than we have in past years. Of course it was easy for me to get excited, but it took a bit more for my 9 yr old son to feel excited about history.

This, of course, is not unusual. Even though I had always loved history ( I credit this to my crush fascination of Indiana Jones), history class was boring in my school years.

My sister who is now a history teacher said that her childhood  history classes in were boring too.

I asked a friend if she liked history as a kid. Not only did she say no, but she even said that she didn’t care much for it now. Ouch, that that one really hurt.

But I can understand why.

In order to appreciate history, one must experience  it.

Dipping candles, weaving baskets, whittling wood, dancing a waltz, singing a hymn, digging for artifacts, churning butter, building a model Viking ship, dressing up like a cowboy, dressing up like an Egyptian queen, going on a train,  going to a car show, making a spear, writing with a quill,  reading Pinocchio, going on a hike, making a diorama of The Ruins of Rome,  riding a horse, making a map, picking strawberries, crocheting, quilting, reading a biography, watching a movie about a historical event…but a few of the ways for kids to experience history.

Or better still, visiting a historical location.

That’s what I did with my rascals this past weekend. We visited San Juan Capristano Mission and I witnessed something amazing with my son.

We have been studying California history this school year (how I love the wild west!) and talking a lot about the missions. And it was there, seeing the oldest building in California for himself,  that the excitement for history was ignited.

I could see that something was stirring inside him so I sort of stepped aside and let him soak it in and have his moment.

Then it happened.

He placed his hands on the building, closed his eyes, let out a deep sigh and fell in love with history.

 Luckily, I was able to take a quick photo of it. Yes, this mama got awfully teary eyed. Aw, heck…I’m teary eyed now!

So I urge you mama, make history come alive to your rascals.

Fill them up to the brim with vintage goodness so that they can experience the past and then blaze trails for the future!



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  • I love LOVE love history!!! Especially when it comes alive;)


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