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The Boy Scouts: Mentoring a New Generation of Young Men

Something has been on my mind this summer. Something that had become so urgent that I just could not get out of my head. My eldest boy is now 9 and is that much closer to independence. So the questions on my mind are:

 Are we doing enough to prepare our son for life’s challenges? 

Though I try not to think about it too much, my little guy is growing into a man.

A man that will be in a position of leadership in one sense or another in his lifetime.

A leader in his family, his work place, his friends, his church, in an emergency situation…and a million other situations.

 What kind of leader will he be?

That’s when I got an email from The Boy Scouts of Orange County.

It just so happens that the Boy Scouts are concerned about these things as well.

 The Boy Scout Tradition Lives on…and Grows

The Boy Scouts tradition of  building character while having fun and community involvement is still the main purpose of this 100 year old educational organization, however the newly developed Board of Regents will add to this by advising the principles and skills that will help young men to grow into leadership positions later in life.

The Board of Regents includes local Orange County business leaders, some of which were boys scouts themselves when they were young!

 The Proof is in the Puddin’

I had the pleasure of meeting 2 very distinguished Scouts at the Boy Scouts HQ in Santa Ana and I’m not gonna lie to you…this mama was impressed!

Both young men had achieved the highest ranking in the Boy Scouts (Eagle), both were well mannered and behaved like fine young men in a room full of grown-ups and grown-up talk. You know how tough that can be for boys!

One Eagle had earned every single badge there is to earn in CA and on his way to the Marines, while the other Eagle was on his way to West Point.

 Not bad…not bad at all.

Something to Consider

Boys need mentoring and leadership guidance.

While I believe that the best teacher of these things are a boy’s own father or other male family member, The Boy Scouts are a wonderful addition.

Dad/Grandpa/Uncle can get the support they need in teaching their boys leadership.

Our sons get the skills they need and the fun they crave.

And the bond between them grows stronger.

 What’s your plan for preparing your son for leadership?


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  • Yes, I agree that boy scouts are a great addition in teaching boys about leadership. I have a toddler and have no doubts in letting him join the boy scouts in the future.