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The Bucket List

There are so many things that I want to do.

So many things that I have been putting off and since my split, a fire has been lit under me. Life is going to pass me by unless I get on it.

And as I meet new people and have new experiences, I find that my bucket list grows longer.

So here is my bucket list.

My to-do list.

No, it’s my WILL DO list.

Check back often as I am sure I will be adding more!

  1. Do 20 push-ups
  2. Do 5 chin-ups
  3. Do the splits
  4. Do a hand stand
  5. Learn to play guitar
  6. Learn to shoot a gun
  7. Go off roading
  8. Go to a Weezer concert
  9. Go to a movie premier…preferably with someone famous
  10. Take rascals to snowy mountains
  11. Take rascals fishing
  12. Learn to do a backflip
  13. Learn a new language (debating between Tagolog and Italian)
  14. Volunteer at retirement home
  15. Learn the Argentine Tango
  16. Go horse back-riding with rascals
  17. Hug a redwood tree
  18. Take a scenic train trip to Grand Canyon
  19. Cook with professional chef
  20. Bake with professional baker
  21. Teach rascals Spanish
  22. Take eldest rascal to Imagine Dragons concert
  23. (to be continued…)

Do you have any items on your bucket list? Any more idea’s for me to add to my list?

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  • Looks like you’ve got lots of fun times coming your way for you and your rascals! I love the idea of learning new dances and languages … I’m right there with you!! My one big one is a Mediterranean Cruise… one day:)


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